Patron of Eric Camilli

Megne by Eric Camilli

"Nice. Land of ambitions, of sharing, of champions".

It is with great pride that Groupe FW, through its travel agency Heaven Travel, supports Eric Camilli, a young driver from Nice and runner-up in the WRC2 World Championship, winner of the last RACC rally in Spain with Citroën Racing.

We are privileged to share with you its programme for the 2022 season:
Monte Carlo: 20-23 January
Croatia: 21-24 April
Portugal: 19-22 May
Italy: 2-5 June
Estonia: 14-17 July
W2C TBC: 18-21 August
Spain: 20-23 October

With your support, as a team, we will have an exceptional season! On the road to 2022.