TANP & STVE - Successful opening of our BIOGNC refuelling station

The beginning of a new era for our passenger transport companies

Thursday 8 September 2022 was an important day for our two passenger transport companies: TANP and STVE.

Today was the inauguration of our refuelling station in BIOGNC after almost 3 years of reflection and implementation.

This event does not mark the end of our environmental approach, but rather is one of the first steps in the energy transition initiated in the Group.

We are proud to have been able to gather around this event and these values our elected representatives, decision-makers, principals and their teams, partners, friends and collaborators: Christian Estrosi, Philippe Pradal, Jean-Pierre Serrus, Gaël Nofri, Fatima Khaldi-Ououghroum, Pierre-Alain Revelat, Véronique Franceschetti, Alice Bigorne, Olivier Astolfi, Laurent Benvenuti, Emilie Souilmi, JM Richeton, Christophe Folcher, Pierre Ippolito, Jean-Philippe Peglion, Eric Camilli, Matthias Wegener, Sabrina Lafable.

Thank you also to the press which relayed this event and in particular to the Tribune Bulletin Côte d'Azur for its articles and videos.